Pan That Palette 2018 – Introduction

Welcome to 2018!

My first blog of the year is going to be my introduction to my Pan That Palette for 2018. I am intending to pan a Crown palette that was part of my beauty school kit. I have decluttered the cream product section and will just be focusing on the powder products. There is a huge range of colours, with different finishes and different amounts of pigmentation. Some colours are pretty terrible, but there are some treasures.

I will be updating on my Youtube every month and I will also post progress pictures here. You can check out my video to see the palette and where I will be starting.

I hope you will enjoy following along with me as I make my way through this palette. Be sure to check back for updates and other projects along the way.

See Ya


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Sylden Christine Hena
3 years ago

Good luck! Are you planning to hit pa on all of the shadows? I hope you post some updates. I’m panning the I Heart Makeup #SELFIE Palette this year? 🙂