15 Nail Polishes to wear with your Tan, even if it is Faux.

It is Summer in the Northern hemisphere, unlike down here in Australia. And with Summer comes an explosion of tanned bodies, mostly of the Faux variety, because who wants skin cancer?! But your nails are looking a little drab and they want to join the party too.

Well, I am here to help with 15 polishes, across the whole rainbow spectrum, that will look fabulous with your golden glow. These colours are going to look good too if you happen to be blessed with more melanin too!

And you get a choice. You can either watch me live swatch and talk about the polishes in my Youtube video, or you can scroll down and just see the swatch photos.

Either way, enjoy! And let me know what you are going to be wearing with your summer tan, or to bring to sunshine to your nails at the very least.


Let’s start with the most basic and classic colour to wear with a tan, or deeper skin tones – white.

Any crisp, clean, true white will work great.

This is OPI’s Alpine Snow. 2 coats. Easy to work with.






Next we have a shimmery pearly beauty.

This has a strong pink flash, and really needs 3 coats.

Crushed Pearl from Rimmel.






Next we have a soft nude, for those who don’t want bright.

Warm nudes are perfect against warmer skin tones.

Doutzen’s Nude from L’Oreal. Perfect in 2 coats.






Now a deeper, shimmery nudie brown to get your nails glowing.

Freida’s Nude from L’Oreal.

Two easy coats and you are good to go.






Let’s get some colour going! Neons are perfect for wearing with a tan,

or on deeper skin tones. This Orly Glowstick can be worn on it’s own or

over a white base for even more pop. And yes, I took the photo before it was

fully dry and smudged it!





Another polish in the neon range is this one from Ulta3.

This is Tahiti, a super bright orange, fabulous in 2 coats.

No white undie needed.






Feeling bold, how about a bright green?

Shimmer Hollywood Hills from BYS. An almost neon green shimmer.

Really needs 3 coats, but it is worth it.






Want bright, but not really up for a neon?

Coral Heat from Maybelline might be your jam.

This is a bleached neon, still bright, but not enough to

burn your retinas. Plus Peachy tones are perfect for your tan.





Stepping into the coral vein, we have this pretty polish.

This is Wonder from Natio. 2 coat perfection.

Your tan will thank you.






Don’t forget that red can look great with darker skin, especially warm reds.

Ruby Tuesday from Kester Black is the perfect summer red.

2 coats and your nails will look stunning.






Love pink? Then Insolent Magenta from L’Oreal might be calling your name.

Bright fuchsia with strong purple flash.

2 coats and your tan will be popping!






Don’t forget your pastels! Especially pastel purples.

Iced Queen from Maybelline is perfect for the melanin enhanced.

Can be opaque in one coat if you finesse it right.

Two thin coats for the rest of us.





When you think of summer you think of water, got to stay hydrated!

And blue is great on your summer nails.

Blue Marlin from Ulta3 is the perfect bright blue (and a personal fave of mine.)






Looking for mermaid nails to go with your tan?

Try out a shimmery greeny blue, like Surf Spray from Revlon.

This needs at least 3 coats or put it over a similar cream to enhance it.

Apparently Surf Spray smells like Surf washing powder…?





Last but by no means least. Gold!

A warm metallic against tanned or darker skin is phenomenal.

This textured polish from Essence is Life is a Beach.






What are your favourite summer polishes? And if you don’t, won’t or can’t tan, what colours do you head for in the warmer months?

For those in the Southern Hemisphere…stay warm and maybe this post will make you bring a bit of summer to the gloom of winter.



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